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MHS Distinguished Alumni Awards

Manchester has produced an extraordinary array of accomplished graduates - those who have excelled in every career path from business, medicine, government and education... to the military, athletics, invention and arts & entertainment.


The Manchester Alumni Association proudly initiated the Distinguished Alumni Awards program in 2012, honoring former students

and current or retired educators for their exceptional achievements.  

The following categories have been created to provide recognition to our accomplished graduates:

Alumni Achievement Award

Recognizes a Manchester graduate for significant accomplishments in business or professional life.

Leadership Excellence Award

Recognizes a Manchester graduate for exemplary leadership, service or volunteer contributions.

Early Career Achievement Award

Recognizes a Manchester graduate for achieving significant career success by the age of 35.

Posthumous Panther Alumni Award

Recognizes a deceased Manchester graduate whose leadership or achievements were exceptional.

Outstanding Faculty Award

Recognizes a current or former Manchester educator having shown exceptional abilities and efforts.

Not required to be a MHS graduate.

If you would like to nominate a candidate for consideration, please complete the form below and send to Todd Lindeman at or pick up a copy in the high school guidance office.


Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form

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